Laura Denver Makeover...her story is amazing!

In February of last year there was a story circulating like wildfire.  A woman was denied a massage because they claimed she was too heavy for the tables.  This absolutely broke my heart.  As a woman who has struggled with her weight I cannot imagine if anyone would ever do that to me!  This was Laura's story.  I instantly reached out to her on Facebook and offered to do a full makeover session and a photoshoot for her.  She was thrilled!  Her story made national headlines and she was so amazing at all of the interviews.  You can see one of them here on ABC News .

Since then, she has lost over 80 pounds (I'm not sure of her exact number).  She has even gotten licensed as a personal trainer!  Her journey is admirable and I had a blast doing her Makeover photography session with her and her dog, Porter in Denver.

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