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One of the most common questions I hear from my boudoir clients at my Denver, Colorado photography studio is what should I wear?  Well it's really not so cut and dry.  What do you love about your body, what do you want to conceal?  After I know more about my clients I can give more accurate suggestions to what lingerie will look best for their body type.

Most common questions and concerns:

1.  I'm a mother so I don't like my tummy and stretch marks.

I know it seems obvious but stay away from bra and panty sets.  Yes, I do photoshop out stretch marks but you are not going to feel as comfortable as if you were to find a great 1 piece that hugs your body and conceals your tummy.

2.  I am bigger, what do you suggest for plus size lingerie?

I am a plus size woman too so I know about all of your concerns.  The biggest thing is to find lingerie that has good support for your breasts.  Also stay away from white, the best slimming option is always black!

3.  I'm small chested, what would you suggest to make me appear fuller?

Again, it's important you find lingerie with support.  Something with pushup padding and underwire is great!  Halter top styles also help make smaller breasts look larger.

4.  What about accessories?

I absolutely love accessories.  You can't go wrong with a beautiful strand of pearls for a boudoir photography session.  Also look for metal type jewelry that catches light.  Don't forget a simple scarf or fur jacket that will really make your image stand out!

5.  I'm really wanting to lose these last 5 pounds, what should I wear that will make me look my best?

When you hire Darci Amundson Photography for your boudoir photography experience, those 5+ pounds won't matter!  I am a pro at lighting and posing so you will be amazed at how beautiful you are going to look in your images!

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