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Have you been thinking about doing a boudoir photography session but you are apprehensive about the process and a little (or a lot) nervous about the actual boudoir session?  Don't you worry your pretty face anymore, I'll give you the advice that will make your boudoir portrait session a breeze and wish you had done one sooner!

1.  Do your research on boudoir photographers.
  This is probably the most important tip I can give you.  Boudoir photography is such an intimate and high skilled type of session that you really need to feel comfortable with who you will be working with and confident that they have the experience to photograph ALL body types to look their best.  This might not be the time to hire based on price.  Like the saying goes, you get what you pay for!  Boudoir is more of an investment because it's not the type of photography session that you do all of the time.  
  You may be thinking that you are just doing the session for a gift for your partner but during the process you will quickly realize that boudoir photography will empower you.  When you hire the right photographer you should leave your portrait session with confidence and feel the most beautiful you have ever felt.  I have been photographing hundreds of women since 2009 and EVERY client says the same thing when the session is over, "You made me feel so comfortable and it was so much easier than I thought it would be!  I feel absolutely beautiful."  
  You should be asking potential boudoir photographers how long they have been doing boudoir photography, do they have an all female staff (if this is what will make you most comfortable),  what type of retouching is done with the images, what products are offered for my images (are they a full service studio or do they just give you digital files and you have to figure out the rest?).
  Finding the right boudoir photographer is kind of like dating someone new.  Do a google search, what comes up when you search for their business?  What are their reviews like?  Check out their website and social media accounts to be sure you love their style and what their clients are saying about them.

2.  What should I wear?
  This is probably the most asked question I get once I'm hired.  I make it so easy for my clients by giving them a style guide that shows what photographs the best during their session.  The first mistake people make is assuming that the photographer will just photoshop everything.  I personally don't believe in changing a woman's body type for a boudoir session.  I think every woman is beautiful the way they are and it's my job to use my expertise in lighting and posing to help achieve their best in front of the camera.  So if you don't love your tummy, I wouldn't bring all bra and panty sets.  Look for a 1 piece that will cover your stomach.  This will also help with your confidence during the session.  If all you are thinking about is your exposed stomach during a pose, it will show in your images.  
  Another tip is you don't have to spend a fortune on lingerie for your boudoir session.  As long as it fits you good and you feel sexy in it you are good to go!  One of my favorite lingerie sites I send my clients to is Adore Me.  All sets are around $39.95 and they photograph beautifully!  Feel free to check them out and use my referral code for your first set only $25!  https://my.adore.me/x/RiWe1w
This or that 2/17/16

3.  Pre-Drinking....Yay or Ney?
  Even if you followed my advice on tip #1, you will still be nervous going into a boudoir session.  This is so normal!  What I don't suggest is downing a bottle of wine or a bunch of shots before heading to your appointment.  If you are too impaired, the photographer does has the right to refuse service and you can lose your deposit since you are a liability.  It will also make it so much more difficult to follow the directions for poses.  And let's just face it...drunk face isn't sexy!  
  At my studio when you arrive you are seated at my hair and makeup station and the pampering begins.  I offer my clients a  glass of wine (or 2 if it's a longer session) to relax while they are getting styled by my amazing team.  It's during this process that your nerves will start to settle while chatting and you will realize how much fun is around the corner!

4.  What should I tell my partner?  
  You have been sneaking around buying new lingerie, you can't think of an excuse to get out of the house and you come back home looking drop dead gorgeous...red flags for your significant other right???  It doesn't have to be.
  You will want to enjoy your night looking fabulous with your makeup and lashes so some of the best excuses are just to say you're having a girls day.  If you are a bride, it's easy to say you are checking out a makeup artist for your wedding day.  Say you are heading to the mall and they had free makeup lessons at one of the stores.
  Just don't do what one of my boudoir clients did and say you are heading to a church meeting....oh father forgive my sins!

5.  Can I buy the digitals?
  I hear this question all of the time.  My question is always, what do you need them for?  Especially for boudoir, it's not the type of session you will go print off a bunch to give to your friends and family.  If you want to go make your own album on shutterfly, also not something I would do.  You have already spent so much time and money prepping for the session, don't settle for a subpar product to showcase your gorgeous images.  Most boudoir photographers work with the best professional printing labs in the country and find the most beautiful products to sync with your images.  It's fine if you want the low res files for online sharing or whatnot but trust the professionalism of your photographer for taking care of creating a beautiful product that you will treasure for years to come.  

  I hope after reading these boudoir tips you feel better about booking a session and finding the right photographer for you.  Please feel free to take a look at my boudoir collection on my website and if you are in the Denver area, I would love to serve your boudoir photography needs!

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