Ms. A. boudoir over 40 | Denver Colorado boudoir studio | Darci Amundson Photography

Ms. A. had a boudoir session booked at my Denver studio quite a few months ago and ended up having to reschedule.  When she came in to do this boudoir photo session I overheard her talking to my makeup artist that she was about to reschedule the day before again.  Apparently the first time, she had broken up with her boyfriend and wasn't in the mood for boudoir images.  The second time, she had again gone through a break up and instead of cancelling the boudoir session, she decided to go for it.  She said she is at the best shape of her life and it's truly a great way to celebrate just being a beautiful woman.  I tell this to everyone I meet, you don't have to do boudoir for someone.  In fact, boudoir is such a beautiful and intimate type of portraiture that you should do for yourself...if you have someone special to share it with, that's just a bonus for them!

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